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Make New Memories at Somerset Cent're Estates

When you think of your next vacation, or your retirement, what comes to mind? A peaceful, wooded natural setting for hiking and fishing! Or hitting the road for adventure!


From vacation to retirement, find a place that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and desires: Somerset Cent're Estates. At Somerset Cent're Estates, you'll enjoy the convenience of full-access to utilities while getting access to natural areas like nearby Moon Lake, as well as nearby venues like Michigan International Speedway.

Add a custom home to your property

Whether you buy your own property or use one of ours, Somerset Cent're Estates Sales can create a fully-customized home on your property - contact us today to discuss housing options with our talented team!

Add a garage package to any modular home in our communities! Packages can include basements, attached garages, and more. Contact us for more information!

Enjoy thoughtful amenities

  • Home products available, including all-season room, carports, girding and tie-downs

  • Permanent fixtures can inlude garages and basements

  • Access to Moon Lake and over 1000 acres of DNR land

  • Bring your own property or we can help find you one!

  • Located near historic McCourtie Park

Enlist top-tier, commercial-grade gear

If you're looking to improve your lot, or you need professional equipment, turn to Somerset Cent're Estates Sales. You can rent our 85 to 150-ton heavy-duty crane, as well as a stone slinger and sewer jetting tools. 

Build a modular home on your property with experienced help from Somerset Cent're Estates Sales Team! Call now to discuss your options!


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